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Michigan’s Largest Law Firms – 2012

Michigan’s Largest Law Firms – 2012

Typesetting and design of Michigan Lawyers Weekly’s Largest Law Firms directory for 2012

One of the first assignments I’d received when I began working with Lawyers Weekly was to work with the Michigan office on this product. It’s a publication that lists a considerable number of details on the state’s largest law firms, produced annually. The cover was already designed before I started with the company, but they needed help with the typesetting and design of the product itself.

Products such as these have the potential to be extremely labor-intensive, taking many man-hours out of the department’s available time. Starting with this publication, I began heavily diving into learning more about the XML-capabilities of InDesign. GREP (regular expression) pattern formatting as well.

Initially, the learning curve was very steep. But before long, I found I was able to produce high-quality results in a far-reduced period of time. Also, the more automated such processes are able to be, the less room there is for human error. Not only was time saved for production, but for editorial folks (who would prepare the content) as well.

As such, going forward I became the goto person for large, listing-heavy products such as this during my time with Lawyers Weekly.